August 10

What a Wonderful World

My baby girl started walking today.

20 miles away on the south side of Indianapolis, a family is burying their 10-year-old son, murdered in his home by an unknown attacker.

1500 miles away in Utah, the dead body of a 5-year-old girl was discovered in her neighbor’s basement.

1800 miles away in Seattle, the dead body of a 3-year-old body of a little boy and his family was found in a burned-out house.

6200 miles away in the Middle East, children are being blown up by Hezbollah and Israeli bombs.

A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine said that the world was getting scarier, that it wasn’t nearly as safe as it was when we were growing up. At the time, I demurred, reminding her that when we were growing up, we weren’t being constantly bombarded with bad news as we are now. After all, in the 1970’s, we got four channels on TV, five on good days, and they all went off the air at midnight. We didn’t have six or seven 24-hour news networks. We didn’t have “e-mail alerts,” warning us about all the latest scams and criminal strategies. We didn’t have instant access to world news through the internet on our PCs and cell phones. So, I argued, the world may have seemed safer, especially to a child, than it does now to us as adults.

Today, though, I was just glancing at the headlines and couldn’t help wondering: was my friend right? Is the world getting scarier, nastier, more dangerous? All I know is that I want to hang on to my children, keep them close, stay with them every minute. Of course, that’s impossible. My son starts kindergarten soon.

And my daughter started walking today.

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